The t-shirt is the optimum item of clothing for making a bold statement (when it’s sunny) and has been a favourite way of showing you your individuality. Whether it’s personal eccentricities or corporate marketing the t-shirt really fits all (forgive the pun).

There are so many categories for styles and methods of getting your view or message across buy today I have taken a quick look at some examples of using text in the extreme.

Graff ruined t-shirt

Graffiti Ruined My Life T-shirt, a good use of simple text in a humorous way. Go to pureg.net


Hand of Doof t-shirt

Graffiti can be fun, look at Banksy. The DOOF graffiti t-shirt, the Hand of Doof is a cheeky use of Budda’s hand tweaking your nipple. Go to graffiti t shirts from Original Doof.

Nice a basic print, the style that appeals to the masses. Go to Brutal Labs.

Wild style t-shirt

A complex use of airbrushing here has given a cool biker style t-shirt. Go to puregraffiti.


Top 10 t-shirts

t shirt design by matt-lyon-of-c86

t shirt design by matt-lyon-of-c86

Another top 10 list from Coverload.com


Welcome to The T-Shirt Review!

We are going to try to provide an imassionate review of T-Shirts plus other cool clothing and accessories, we will appriciate your comments and contributions. We are sponsored by the graffiti style t-shirt designer Original Doof and though we will be reviewing their great t-shirts we promise not to be bias and to always give honest opinion.

Look forward to catching up soon.

Thanks, TS Disciple